The company has an independent laboratory, which can detect the flow rate of the raw material meltand the flow rate of the raw material by the solution flow rate meter. The tensile strength, bending
strength and load resistance of the raw material can be detected by the microcomputer controlled universal testing machine, and the temperature of the softening point of the VEKA can be measured.
Thethermal deformation and softening point of the plastic can be detected at specific temperature, andthe impact strength of the molding material can be detected by the simple beam impact tester.
According to the relevant laws and regulations, standards and customer requirements, the company simulates the natural weather environment and the harsh and low temperature weather environment. It

also has an independent high temperature stacking laboratory, cryopreservation laboratory, high altitude falling frame and so on. According to the different customer needs, the latest, most reasonable and
suitablecan be developed in the shortest time. The best formula and product for customers