Company Culture

  Entrepreneurial spirit

   Honesty, diligence, innovation, people-oriented
   To customers, feel attentive, and strive to achieve the required loyal partners;
   A development platform that respects employees, cares respect, and achieves employee dreams;
   It is a modern enterprise that takes responsibility for society and creates social


    Corporate purposes

    Quality reputation first
    In order to achieve this goal, Hengxinji Plastic pursues every person, every day, every thing.
    Say hello to customers with quality and service, and establish corporate image with integrity.


    Relentless pursuit

    Integrity-based, plastic permanent long Albert CHA
    Continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations and satisfy customers;
    Continue to provide development space that exceeds employee expectations and employees are proud;
    Continuously  strengthen the spirit of hard work and selfless devotion, so that  Hengxinki people can enjoy the value of creating value.