Plastic pallets need to be used according to appearance and industry classification
Column:Industry News Time:2018-05-22
Because in actual use, depending on the application, some pallets are difficult to substitute for other varieties. For example, steel pallets are irreplaceable when carrying heavy loads.

Plastic pallets  by application and industry classification: export plastic pallets,  transport plastic pallets, moisture-proof plastic pallets,  moisture-proof plastic pallets, forklift plastic pallets, shelf plastic  pallets, logistics plastic pallets, food plastic pallets, beer plastic  pallets, beverage plastic pallets, chemical Plastic  pallets, tobacco plastic pallets, mechanical plastic pallets, electronic  plastic pallets, salt plastic pallets, stacking plastic pallets,  intermodal standard plastic pallets, port plastic pallets, container  plastic pallets, etc. The
Plastic trays are classified according to use:
Shelf plastic tray
2. Standard plastic tray
3. Light plastic tray
Plastic trays are classified according to appearance:
1. Double-sided plastic tray: flat-sided double-sided plastic tray; mesh double-sided plastic tray
2.Single-sided use plastic tray: flat nine-foot plastic tray; grid nine-foot plastic tray
Flat field plastic tray; grid field plastic tray
Flat plate type plastic tray; Grid type plastic tray