Analysis of the status quo of plastic packaging and plastic tray industry
Column:Industry News Time:2018-05-22
Plastic product packaging is mainly divided into two kinds of imported materials and domestic materials. The packaging of domestic materials is divided into large packages and small packages. The specifications of small packages are generally 25kg.

Based on cost considerations, only shells in domestically-made materials use wooden packaging. The  packaging of imported materials is generally divided into the original  package and color package. The original package is generally used for  the packaging of genuine materials. The color package is generally used  for the packaging of deputy brand materials. The transportation of  imported materials generally needs to be carried by shipping, railways,  or motor transport. There are many procedures for loading  and unloading. In order to prevent the occurrence of broken packages,  wooden trays and plastic trays are generally equipped. The cost of  wooden trays is approximately 50 yuan/ton higher than that of bulk  carriers, and the cost of plastic trays is approximately 100 yuan/ton  higher. Purchase plastic packaging products.