The Six Major Advantages of Plastic Forklift Tray vs. Wooden Pallet in Contemporary Logistics
Column:Industry News Time:2018-05-22
Plastic pallets for forklifts are available in Chuan-type, Tian-type or Nine-step footrests at the bottom. They are divided into shelf series, standard series and ultra-light series depending on the load capacity and the use situation.

Plastic  trays have a service life several decades longer than wooden trays.  With its durability, users can earn back the cost of wooden trays by  using only three years of plastic trays. Compared to traditional wooden pallets, plastic pallets have enormous advantages:
1.  Wooden pallets are difficult to track during transportation, and there  is a large amount of lost. In the United States alone, 3 million wooden  pallets are lost each year, and the annual average loss of wooden  pallets in the global container transportation industry reaches 600  million pieces. In  particular, wooden pallets used for consignment of meat, fish and other  perishable foods or toxic chemical dangerous goods must usually be  disposed of in accordance with regulations. The plastic tray can be reused as long as it is washed with water or it can be sterilized again.
2.  The wooden pallets are subject to frequent breakages during  transportation. The pallets made of plastic are very durable and are not  easily broken. There is no renovation rate. Even  if it is damaged after using for several dozen times, the plastic tray  can be re-formed into a new plastic tray and it can be recycled. The  wooden pallets that have already been scrapped can only be treated as  garbage, and it takes a lot of cost to process the garbage.
3.  In the case where the weight of the plastic pallet and the wooden  pallet is equal, the load is five times that of the wooden pallet, which  greatly improves the carrying capacity of the pallet and reduces the  usage of the pallet, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing the  cost.
4,  the advantages of plastic trays are moisture, mold, anti-mite, no  nails, no thorns, easy to clean, export health exempt from inspection,  durable, recyclable renewable; and wooden pallets easy to damp, easy to  mold, prone to mites, Difficult  to clean, lack of hygiene requirements, waste and destruction of forest  resources, easy to use after pollution, inconvenience to export.
5.  The reliability of plastic pallet structure is much higher than that of  wooden pallets, which reduces the damage consumption of pallets. Under  normal use conditions, the service life is more than 2 years, and there  is no repair rate. This will cause wooden pallets to be damaged and need  to be handy. Repair of special tools is unmatched. According  to statistics, the wooden pallets with the best quality can be returned  to and repaired at least once after being used for an average of 3  times. The repair fee is not less than US$3, equivalent to RMB19.29 per  repair.
6.  Plastic pallets are more adaptable in the special commodity market,  such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, salinization, etc., can  be made into various colors according to the requirements of different  factories, plus the corresponding company logo And tags.