Plastic tray market share is expected to further expand
Column:Industry News Time:2018-05-22
Ten years ago, wooden pallets dominated the application of pallets due to their strong structure and overloaded load. Ten years later, plastic pallets quickly emerged and became the most used pallet in the world.

At present, the annual consumption of plastic trays in the United States is 1.1 billion. In  the next few years, the use of plastic pallets in the United States  will increase at a rate of 2.4%. It is estimated that in 2017, the  country’s consumption of plastic pallets will reach 2.6 billion.
       The  reason why plastic trays replaced wood pallets in a short period of  several years became the new darling of the market because of its  excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance, and flame retardancy.
       In recent years, the demand for plastic pallets in the transportation sector has increased year by year. According  to a local plastic tray manufacturer in the US, compared with other  materials, plastic trays are lightweight and can reduce oil consumption  during transportation, thereby saving transportation costs for commodity  manufacturers.
      In  order to better meet the market demand, a plastic container  manufacturer named CABKA in the United States has introduced a new  plastic tray model CPP200. The tray is 32 inches long, 24 inches wide, 5.1 inches high and weighs just 8.5 pounds. According  to CABKA, this new type of tray is made of renewable PE material and  has a great improvement in appearance design and safety performance. It  will be more suitable for shipping containers.